Red, White, and Blue. These colors have never looked so beautiful. Unfortunately we have some ungrateful people who live here in this beautiful country that doesn’t know how to respect the flag. In case they aren’t aware how to respect the flag here are the basics.         1. Stand and remove your hats when you hear the Pledge of Allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner.  2. Don´t let the flag touch the ground. If you aren’t able to stand because of an injury or medical condition sit tall and still.

You should respect the flag because your live in this country, you might not like who´s the president, or some of the events that happens in this country but you are still American. When you disrespect the flag you disrespect every single American. Everyone who lost their life for it. Who put there lives in danger for the safety of others. You disrespect every single American. Every single one. You disrespect the criminal, the teacher, the miner, the fisher, the engineer, the dancer, the actor. You disrespect your family, your friends, your co-workers, your boss, you even disrespect yourself. The flag represents a population as a whole.

You as a person should stand up for the flag because any one that looks up will do the same. If you disrespect the flag those who look up to will also disrespect the flag. But they will be disrespecting a flag simple because the one they idolized disrespected it. They wont be disrespecting the flag because they think that country/organization has done something wrong.

Even if you believe you have a legit reason for disrespecting a flag I can tell you that you are wrong. So Colin Kaepernick your ¨reason¨ for not standing for the flag is wrong. If you are not aware of Colin´s reason for not standing I’ll tell you. Colin said ¨I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.¨ I get it Colin. You wanted to show people you were not in favor of the many racial issues going on in PART of our country but did you realize you also offended every one of all shades while doing so.

More recently than athletes disrespecting the flag we have American citizens disrespecting the flag. Why are they disrespecting the flag? Because they didn´t like the outcome of election. How does burning the American Flag help get your opinion across that you don’t like the president? How? I really do not understand. What does it show others? I dont know about everyone else but hen I see people burning the flag I see an ignorant, selfish, low-life.

I would like to think that you aren´t a ignorant, selfish, low-life so please respect the flag.