Laughter, what an enjoyable sound. From even the smallest chuckle to having stomach cramps because you laughed too much, everyone can agree laughter will always be bound in our memories.

I remember laughter. When I was six my dad was having a conversation with one of his friends and I remember looking up at just the right moment to hear the sound of his deep laugh that became less deep as the laugh grew on. I remember seeing his face in the widest smile I´d ever seen and the hairs on his chin move with his mouth. I remember when I was twelve my cousin and I were rolling around in laughter in my grandparents basement. Neither of us could remember what was so funny, we were just laughing at each others laugh. I would start laughing because she was laughing and she would start laughing because of the sound of my laugh. My laugh has been, and probably always will be a laugh that others can laugh to.

6th grade year was the year my laugh really began to affect other people. You remember 6th grade, the year of embarrassment. Instead of choosing to get mad or sad about being embarrassed, my class chose to laugh. We laughed our way through 6th grade. We laughed at my friend Taylor for asking ¨is a tree a plant?¨ at myself for being unable to catch a tennis ball, at Gracie for being unable to open a skittles packet with out them flying everywhere, and at our teachers because they thought they could keep us from laughing. We laughed hard and in long. My sister who was in 5th grade at the time was ¨embarrassed¨ because you could hear my laugh in her class room and every time I would start her class would turn and look at her. Ashley wasn´t every embarrassed but it was that jokingly embarrassment people get.

My family and friends are never embarrassed about my laugh and I will never be embarrassed about it either. There is nothing to be embarrassed about quite frankly, laughter is the sound of happiness. The sound of memories. Laughter is the sound of me.

Laughing is more than just the sound of me. It´s my reaction. It is my reaction to almost everything. You would think laughing is a good thing wouldn´t you? I can tell you it’s not always what it seems. I laugh when I am happy, when I am frustrated, when I´m shocked and when I am sad. I don´t mean to laugh when I´m shocked or sad I just do. Laughing is my first reaction, no second, no first, I´ll just let you decide.

Last summer my best friends grandpa died. She was devastated. When this happened she was on vacation. After her vacation we were to go to the lake together to catch up because we hadn´t seen each other in a couple of week. Later that afternoon I had to tell my mom that she wouldn’t be able to come with us because her grandpa died. My exact words were ¨…. she isn´t going to be able to come with us because her grandpa got hit by a semi.¨  At the end I was laughing. Not the type of laugh you have when something is funny but the type you have when you can´t believe that actually happened. I hated myself for it the moment it happened. To this day I will always hate that I laugh, but I will always love that I laugh as well.