¨And most important, don’t be afraid¨

Elie´s Blockakteste gave Elie and his comrades the most useful advice you can receive in life. Don´t be afraid. Unfortunately  this was the most useless advice at the time. Elie was just told that he would be going through a selection. If they did not seem healthy enough they would be marked down and then transported to the crematorium. If they did not pass this test they would be transported to their death. As if running naked infront of a group of judges isn´t nerve racking enough, your life is dependent on it. Some of you might be thinking if their life is so miserable why would you want to stay? Many of them chose to stay alive because it would be less painful than the death that would acure. But don´t be afriad, whether you are going to burn to death or get beaten with out mercy a while longer will all come down to how fast you can run….