¨I had no right to let myself die.¨

At this point in the book Elie was running from Buna to a destination yet to be determined. All around him people were running, some where falling. Those that fell were shot by the SS… if they were lucky. If they were not shot they had a longer and I would assume more painful death. They were trampled to death by the thousands of prisoners who were running to avoid death. Elie had begun running next to a young boy. The young boy was in such pain he thought his stomach was going to burst. He fell. He fell behind first and then he fell to the ground. Soon Elie began to think about what it were to be like if he were to fall. He felt a relief. He wanted to disappear. To cease existing. The only thing that stopped him from falling  was his father. Elie was the only reason his father was continuing to try. Elie knew that if he went down he would be the reason for his father´s death. Elie´s father wouldn´t die because he became to weak. He wouldn´t die because he went against the SS orders. He would die because his only reason to live is no longer living. Elie couldn´t give up on his life because he didn´t want the weight of his father’s death upon him as he died. Elie´s fathers death was just enough weight to bear.