Standing at 5´2¨ I wish I was growing. There is only a few things growing in me. That’s my love for Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. And my passion for 4-H and dancing.

4-H provided me thousands of opportunities to meet new people and improve my leadership and citizenship skills. Through 4-H I am able to do what I love which for me means, dancing around my room until 12 and then staying up until 3 because ¨just one more page.¨

¨To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.¨ -hop saying. That is exactly how I feel about dance. Dance is how I express myself. I  have the opportunity to work as dance assistant for a job. Being able to help younger students express there love for dance as much as I do makes me incredible happy.

I hold my family and friends near and dear to my heart. No one could come between me a my ¨loves¨ – what I call everyone close to me because labels are complicated. Some might say it’s because I grew up in a small town that I love so much but I think it’s because I don’t see the point of hating. People say I am a very kind-hearted and loving person but I don’t like affection. Seriously someone says group hug and I’m already out the door.